THX Coffe

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Customers can choose preferred bread and coffee based on below bread and coffee selection

Bread selection: Peach Danish, Banana Caramel, Tuna Fish Bun, Chicken Curry Bun, Corn Flake Doughnut, Strawberry Danish, Mango Bread, Chocolate Filling Bread, Salted Egg Bread, Lemon Bread, Strawberry Croissant, Spicy Floss Bread, Tiramisu Doughnut, Tuna Mayo Croissant, Smoked Beef and Vegetable Risoles, Mexican Vanilla, Mexican Chocolate, Chocolate Doughnut, Tuna Calzone, Calzone Beef Curry, Coconut Bread, Spinach Mozarella Roll, Blueberry Bun, BBQ Chicken Croissant, Beef Lasagna Croissant, Pineapple Danish, Srikaya Bun, Apple Danish, Chicken Pecel, Strawberry Doughnut, Durian Bread, Cheese Bread, Banana Creamy Bread, Orange Bun, Sweetello Bread, Coffee Doughnut, Mix Fruit Danish, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Croissant, Banana Lekker, Long John, Oreo Doughnut, Pizza Bread, Chocolate & Cheese Long John, Chocolate Long John and Cheesy Sausage Bread

Coffee selection: The Hot Coffee and The Iced Coffee

The Harvest Express reserves the right to determine which products available in each store (product type and variant depending on availability)